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For a sample such women's school was arranged on the following bases: it has to consist under protection Maria Aleksandrovna's empress and be called as her name - Mariinsky women's school, submitting to the Main Council. The next management of school was entrusted, to destination to the monarchic, special trustee; and for direct supervision over training of maidens the chief and the chief supervisor from the statement of the monarchess were appointed; appointment of the other pedagogical personnel was approved by the trustee.

N. Vysotsky reminds of what objectives has to achieve the classical school – to bring up vigorous a body and spirit, the young people quite ready to perception of sciences got by the good moral beginnings in higher educational institutions.

Institute education gave that corresponded to an ideal of the young lady of that time; it began to attract parents landowners who, living in the estates, had no opportunity to bring up the daughters agrees with this ideal. The nobility became on the means to found women's institutes in the different provincial centers, and all of them came to the same department in what there were institutes capital. Only thanks to women's institutes, at us long time was supported and female education extended.

Paying special attention to formation in girls of feminity and education in all of them of qualities which are components of this broad concept, society as a result had good mothers, wives, as they say, keepers of the family center who not only perfectly coped with the duties, but also the cosiness and heat in the houses created, gave love to all his inhabitants.