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Improvement of management of activity of Committee of social protection of the population of Moscow and district administrations of social protection of the population on social protection (on the example of work of Committee and Management of social protection of the population Severnogo the district.

Non-stationary forms of social service are created for rendering the social help and service of the elderly people preferring to remain in the house environment, habitual for them. Among non-stationary forms of social service on the first place it is necessary to put social service at home.

In each center carefully elaborately registration, an interior creates homeliness, lightens mood. Life of both the center, and office of day stay is reflected in stands. Pensioners can study information on work of social services, on carrying out the actions devoted to various holidays to watch the photos devoted to work of ODP.

For ensuring worthy activity of aged citizens in system of social protection very positively proved the centers of social service helping lonely aged and to disabled people to adapt in a difficult life situation.

The Office of Day Stay (ODS) is the person, the card of any center of social service. The main task - ensuring communication of elderly people and disabled people, providing their active lifestyle, adaptation of their activity in "the" environment. As a type of semiportable social service it includes social, medical and cultural care of elderly people, the organization of their food and rest.

Offices of day stay in the centers, according to the approved daily routine, begin service in 10 h. 00 min. The staff of office meets the visitors already at an entrance to the center then carry out them on the center and acquaints with its work.

Possibility of receiving their basic vital needs of social services, sufficient for satisfaction, which join in federal and territorial lists of the social services guaranteed by the state is provided to citizens of advanced age and disabled people.

According to the last normative documents the social worker has to visit the wards at least 2-3 times a week. At desire or a request of the served person visit can be carried out 3 times at home a week.

Implementation of the listed measures allowed, along with financing of social protection from city sources to react to social needs of inhabitants of the territory more flexibly, giving targeted social support.

For involvement of citizens of advanced age to feasible work in the Dmitrovsky center circles on interests work. Occupations in circles are the most loved by business for visiting offices. Many pensioners put all the love and ability in this business, and their works presented at exhibitions have great success and cause admiration in visitors.

At the same time, remain not realized privileges for 530 thousand veterans of work living in families, and also privileges on payment for the teleantenna, a radio receiving station and privileges on payment for use of phone for separate categories of veterans so far.

- production justice which contains requirements of need of useful activity imposed to the person from society and to which those who remained out of production cannot answer: old men, children, disabled people, etc.;

According to the approximate Provision on the centers social service is carried out for temporary (to the 6th month or continuous rendering social and social medical care in home conditions. The office is created for service not less than 120 people living in the city and not less than 60 people living in rural areas.