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140 constructions enter a complex of stadium. In the center of a horseshoe of Luzhniki there is a Big sports arena, and on its parties the Small sports arena, the outdoor swimming pool and other constructions are located. They are built from reinforced concrete, a brick, metal, the majority is revetted with ceramics. Details of walls, columns and support are made of the same ceramic plates relief. Light pink the color scale, enormous free spaces, abundance of greens — so looks ensemble.

In the building there are sports halls, heating bathtubs, two channels with regulation by the current of water for trainings of masters of the highest class, 3 bathtubs for children, etc. More than 600 people can be engaged at the same time in this pool.

There is in Luzhniki a building from glass and metal. Near it flags of many countries of the world often flutter. It is the exhibition hall where expositions are, as a rule, devoted to sport development, tourism, the organization of rest.

The volume and spatial solution of a new sports construction, expressly modern forms authors successfully coordinated it with already existing architectural complex of Luzhniki. The essential role was given to color: light-golden coloring of the building as if dissolved it in the general light morning and fresh color of ensemble.

The big sports arena — the largest construction of Luzhniki. Oval in the plan, it includes a football field, a racetrack, sectors for jumps and a throwing of shells. Tribunes contain at the same time more than 100 thousand audience. The football field has a natural grass cover, and racetracks and track and field athletics sectors are covered with synthetic materials.

The arena shares a sliding acoustic partition to a ceiling. Two isolated gyms are formed. For example, in one of halls containing 18 thousand audience boxers, in the friend, calculated on 16 thousand audience will meet, basketball players will compete.