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Development has forward character. Progressiveness and a povtorimost gives to recurrence the helicoid form and each step of development is richer according to the contents as it includes all best. that was saved up at the previous step.

Development of idea assumes, according to Hegel, achievement of such unity, within which contrasts of reason. in particular the moments of feature and generality, freedom of the individual and whole, are recognized and developed in their power. It was not neither in the antique states, nor in the platonovsky ideal state, at feudalism.

From the point of view of Hegel the world as set of the nature and the spirit which are not out of absolute (absolute spirit, and in him. Self-development of the world, is history of absolute spirit; recognition of it by Hegel, involved an important conclusion in the methodological relation for creation of all gegelevsky philosophy - the way by what it can be learned absolute, should not be essentially other at all, than a way of knowledge of the world of the nature and the world of spirit.

The category of quality precedes in Hegel's logic of category of quantity. Such order generally corresponds to history of human knowledge. Savages (as well as children) distinguish things on their qualitative definiteness though are not able to consider, that is do not know quantitative ratios.

Hegel considers as a basis of progressive development of society and state existence in them of social contradictions. He recognizes that on the one hand accumulation of wealth increases, and with another dependence and a distress of the class attached to work amplifies.

Opposing unilateral abstractly analytical method. he claimed that such method is absolutely unacceptable for philosophy, the philosophy as a matter of fact, did not find the true method. and only Hegel gave a sample of a true method of philosophical science, having applied it to a concrete subject - to consciousness.

Noting development of social antagonistsky contradictions in modern to it society, Hegel does not see opportunity for their overcoming. Hegel does not think of other society, except bourgeois, he entirely remains in captivity of ideas of firmness of bases of this system.

"Mystification which underwent the dialectician in hands Hegel, - Marx wrote, - at all did not prevent that. what exactly Hegel the first gave the comprehensive and conscious image of its general forms of the movement. At Hegel the dialectics costs on the head. It is necessary to put it on feet to open under a mystical cover rational grain".6