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Low grassy plant with a tuberiform rhizome. Leaves radical, shirokoyaytsevidny, on long scapes, appear in the fall; flowers single, hanging, a light pink, at the basis with a violet spot. Blossoming in March. The plant seeds breeds, but also the vegetative way is possible.

Natural stocks of this plant are reduced as a result of collecting copies and decrease in number of the fructifying individuals. In some countries of Europe this primrose for registration of rock gardens. Sites of natural locations partially enter Karpatskoyogo's borders of the reserve.

The perennial grassy plant up to 30 cm high which is densely covered with hairs; petals dark-violet. Blossoming is observed in April-May, fruits are formed in iyuyone-July. The of additional kidneys of growth on a many-domed rhizome breeds seeds and in a way, for the account.

Low plant at which stalk during blossoming honor all it is hidden under the earth. The leaves which are pulled together on edge the resnitchaty; the flower 1, is more rare 2 — 3, leaflets of an okolotsvetnik) - white, at the basis yellow. Blossoms in April.

The saffron Banat on mountain meadows, grows in shrubby thickets, in the light woods. Breeds in the and vegetative way due to formation of affiliated bulbs. However its natural stocks are small and as a result of collecting flowers on bouquets, excavation of bulbs for transfer in individual flower beds, trampling. In culture it is known from XVII century. The plant needs protection.

Perennial grassy plant 15 — 30 cm high with integral. Leaves lantsetny, with a dark or violet spots; yellow, a lip with violet or purple specks, shporets honor is equal zavyaz.

Perennial plant with a thick ligneous root, the ascending or lying gray stalks. Leaves uzkolineyny; inflorescences dense, squeezed, melkotsvetkovy; blue, sometimes the white flowers sitting in bosoms of leaves are collected on 3 — 7 in.

Perennial plant 50 — 100 cm high with a thick rhizome. Leaves flattened, cylindrical or, with cross from spongy fabric; an inflorescence branchy with short the branches bearing bunches of.

Near the Pike perch of a pas the southern and slopes of the mountain the Falcon Stankievich's pine grows on a dry marlaceous together with an oak fluffy, a a high and cedar. She meets on a to a mountain slope in the natural boundary the New World more often.

The bulb at this plant the appearance reminds tooth of a dog. Leaves wide, opposite; the stalk comes to an end with a single purple-violet flower which of an okolotsvetnik are recurved. Blossoms in March-April, the flower remains 3 — 5 days.

Plant 25 — 40 cm high with the shchetinovidno-curtailed leaves. narrow, about 10 cm of length; lower floral scales with ranks of hairs from which the regional reach a scales top; an awn of 17 — 22 cm, dvazhdykolenchatosognuty, in the lower part, rough, above — porous. Breeds seeds.

Perennial grassy plant with integral tubers and stalks of 25 — 65 cm. Leaflets of an external circle of an okolotsvetnik yellowish ­ with brownish-purple or lilac specks inside, a lip also yellowish-green, three-time - efficient, flowers with a vanilla smell.

Perennial with spherical, 5 — 7 leaves and a stalk 10 — 25 cm high. An ear redkovaty, short, from 4 — 19 flowers; flowers fragrant, quite large, violet ­ with the lilac pointed, external leaflets of an brownish-green, a lip whitish, with dark-purple, not deep-three-blade,, lilac-purple shporets is almost equal to a lip.