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The strategic plan of marketing defines, in which productions she will be engaged, and states problems of these productions. Now it is necessary to develop own detailed plans for each of them. If production includes some assortment groups, some goods, brands and the markets, on each of these positions the separate plan has to be developed. For this reason we face plans of production, plans of release of goods, plans of release of a branded product and plans of market activity. All these terms are designated by one term - "the plan of marketing".

* determination of character of the basic data necessary for planning (a state and prospects of the market, the current and assumed in the long term needs of end users of production of the enterprise, expected data on change of commodity structure of foreign markets, etc.).

Situation that in the conditions of the developed market development and application of strategy of marketing activity - one of the most important functions of heads of firms of the top management is conventional. Without strategic approach to the activity the firm assimilates to the ship without helmsman.

Procedure of planning represents not linear, but "ring", cyclic process. It is not limited to marketing scheduling at all. The plan accepted "above" has to have opportunity to change according to the data arriving "from below", to be corrected according to realities of environment of marketing.

Detailed analysis of marketing activity: sales volume; market share; profit; marketing procedures; organization of marketing; control of marketing activity; analysis of all elements of a complex of marketing.

Strategy is the general action program revealing priorities of problems and resources for achievement of a main goal (purposes). Strategy formulates main goals and the main ways of their achievement in such a way that the firm receives the uniform direction of actions.

Proceeding from the purposes and strategy of development of the company the analysis of marketing activity which is subdivided into three parts is carried out: analysis of environment of marketing, internal marketing activity of the company and its system of marketing. In more detail this analysis can be characterized as follows.

The organization exists to achieve something within the environment surrounding it. The specific goal or the program of firm is usually clear from the very beginning. However eventually in process of growth of the organization and emergence in it of new goods and the markets the program can lose the clearness. Perhaps, the program remains accurate, but will cease to interest part of the management. Having or perhaps kept clearness, it will cease to correspond to new conditions of the environment.

* formation of structure and reserves of private plans, character of their interconnection (for example, coordination of plans of realization of goods on separate segments of the market, a marketing and production activity of foreign offices and branches, etc.);

Strategic planning is an administrative process of creation and maintenance of strategic compliance between the purposes of firm, its potential opportunities and chances in the sphere of marketing. It leans on accurately formulated policy statement of firm, a statement of the auxiliary purposes and tasks, a healthy economic portfolio and strategy of growth.

The following stage in planning of marketing is key for all marketing process is a statement of the marketing purposes. The marketing purposes concern generally only two aspects - products and the markets: what products you want to sell and in what markets? From here four options of statement of the marketing purposes follow:

Diversification growth. Diversification growth is justified when the branch does not give to firm of opportunities for further growth or when it is more attractive than possibility of growth outside this branch. Diversification does not mean that the firm should grab any sprained opportunity. The company has to reveal for itself the directions where the experience which is saved up by it, or the directions which will promote elimination of the shortcomings which are available for it nowadays will find application. There are three kinds of diversification.